DJ Kelley writes about life!


"Imperfect Heroes  pulls no punches in this modern day love story.  the characters are engaging enough to cuase the reader to love them, hate them, and love them again." - James Donaldson, Former NBA Allstar and the Author of Standing Above the Crowd

"Imperfect Heroes is a hilarious romp through the perils of online dating.  Right from the beginning, it pulls you in, and you just have to keep reading to see what happens when the train does crash.  Kelley poignantly shares the defeats and triumphs of his characters, while keeping the humor at the forefront." - Tara Casalino, author of The Guardians

This is a real-life, comical story of the trials and tribulations one man experiences in the process of online dating.  Be prepared to laugh uncontrollably and maybe even shed a tear or two as this book resontates with your own journey of searching for life long love." - Patrick Snow, International Best Selling Author of  Creating Your Own Destiny and  The Affluent Entrepreneur